DIY Wreath

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DIY Wreath

DIY Wreath

Price 32,50 €

Do a  wreath for yourself or for a friend. Included is instructions, flowers and everything else you need except scissors. Order a few day´s in advance.

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Only persons 18 years of age, have the right to order from the webshop. You order by moving the selected product (s) to the shopping chart and pay for the content. The customer information will be handeled confidentially. The information, which is requested when ordering, will only be used to deliver the product or to solve any uncertainties concerning the product or the delivery. By ordering, you also give your consent to the terms of delivery.

The selection of products

All the pictures of the products in the webshop are illustrative. We strive to deliver the ordered product according to the descriptions and the pictures of the products. If we don’t have the product at the moment, it will automatically be replaced by another in the same price range- similar style and color. Vases and pots in the pictures are not included in the price, unless the product is an arrangement or a planting made in a pot, basket or similar.

The product price includes VAT.

Ordering and payment confirmation

When we have received your order, we will immediately send you a confirmation by e- mail. Always review the confirmation and its content. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support without delay.

Contact to customer service: Porvoon Kukkatalo, Address: Puutarhakatu 9, 06100, Porvoo, Finland. E mail: info@ Phone: +35819582948.

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The order can either be picked up from the Kukkatalo without charge, or be delivered for an extra charge to a receiver. The charge for the delivery cost is determined by the postal code of the receiver and the weekday. It is on the customer's responsibility that the correct postal code is chosen for the delivery, by choosing ”toimitustapa" ( mode of delivery) in the meny. If the wrong delivery area (= postal code) is chosen, and the delivery to the correct postal code therefore is more expensive, the additional cost will be deducted from the value of the product. The delivery cost contains only one delivery to the place chosen by the customer.

If the delivery is to a funeral or similar, write in the field on the last page, where the occasion is and when it starts. We deliver the flowers about an hour before the occasion starts.

Delivery details

It is on the customer's responsibility that the delivery details are correct ( name, address, postal code and telephone number). Porvoon Kukkatalo is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the customer concerning address, door codes, and/ or any other insufficient or wrong information. For instance, the direct or indirect damage on the product or on the delivery that a wrong telephone number can cause.

If the product cannot be delivered, due to wrong or insufficient information, the flowers are returned to and kept in the Porvoon Kukkatalo for 24h from the attempt to deliver, to be picked up during opening hours.

Times for delivery

Orders that have been placed before  before noon, can be picked up or delivered the same day. Exceptions in seasons as Christmas, Mother´s Day when dead-lines are earlier. Exceptions are also products that have to be ordered earlier, like wedding- and funeral flowers.

The orders are usually delivered between 2 and 5 pm. The times for delivery can vary during seasons.  If you want delivery at a certain time choose also the product Time Delivery and make the order at least 24 hours before the delivery. Time delivery is delivery wanted time +/- 15 min. Time delivery is poosible during opening hours. Delivery to the Chuch or the Chapel doesn´t need Time delivery fee.

We are not responsible for delays due to insurmountable obstacles caused directly or indirectly.

The receiver cannot be reached

If the receiver of the flowers is not in place when the flowers are delivered, we try to reach the receiver by phone, leave the delivery by the door, or leave a note where the receiver is asked to contact the Porvoon Kukkatalo. It is the customer’s responsibility if they have approved the delivery to be left at the door, and the delivery disappears. In cold weather conditions, the flower cannot be left outside.Then the delivery is returned to the Porvoon Kukkatalo. Only one delivery is included in the delivery fee.

Terms of cancellation

In case of cancellation, only the actual costs, that the cancellation causes, are charged. These costs are deducted from the sum that is refunded to the customer. The refund is made to the account the customer states.

Quality guarantee

The flowers have a guarantee of freshness. Complaints concerning the quality or delivery of the order, have to be done without delay. The flowers have to be presented to the shop immediately, or at the latest, the following day following the delivery. If the quality problem is due to the supplier, the customer will get new flowers for free. Flowers are a living product, and a complaint, that comes in too late, cannot be taken into account.

Fresh products are not covered by the Finnish consumer law, concerning the right to return a product.